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Witch’s Woods to Contribute to LaCoste Building Fund


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The Kevin LaCoste Building fund will get a boost on Oct. 24 when a percentage of the evening’s proceeds from Witch’s Woods is applied toward the cost of redesigning the family’s Cherry Lane home to make it wheelchair accessible.

Kevin LaCoste, principal of the Col. John Robinson elementary school, suffered a serious spinal cord injury on July 21 when he playfully climbed a maple tree in his yard and fell out of it. He is the father of two young children.

The injury has left him with no feeling below his shoulders.

A fundraising effort spearheaded by resident Nancy Cook has raised money to pay builders, painters, electricians and plumbers for their charitable efforts in preparing for Kevin’s return home.

According to Al Fletcher, owner of Nashoba Valley Ski Area where Witch’s Woods takes place, Westford residents who attend on Oct. 24, will get a discount code for a $30 entrance fee. Regular admission is $39 per person. The code is “LaCoste.”

Witch’s Woods is an annual event involving re-enactors who dress like zombies and other scary creatures. It runs from ┬áSept. 27 to Nov. 2 this year.

Fletcher said there are new attractions this year that include “new props, new decor, new scares, and new special effects.”

Fletcher’s idea to contribute came after he saw the story on a local news show.

“I was watching the story and thinking how we could help out,” he said. “We are definitely happy to help out for Kevin and his family.”