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ADOPTABLE PET: Senior Sybil, Sweet and Feisty, Needs a New Home


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Video by Patty Stocker

Fourteen year old Sybil, is an active and healthy, ragdoll cat surrendered to the Lowell Humane Society when her owner was admitted into an assisted living facility that did not accept pets. Despite her age, she’s energetic and will explore her home to find her favorite spot, according to Crystal Arnott, the shelter’s fundraising manager.

“We do check the health of our senior pets. We did blood work,” explained Arnott. “We found no issues. She’s a nice, healthy girl.”

Considered sweet but feisty by the shelter staff members, Arnott describes Sybil as being “really good about telling you when she’s sick of being petted and she’ll walk away.”

To avoid having a pet end up in a shelter, Arnott has some suggestions. “One thing we encourage all pet owners to do, regardless of your age, is to have a plan for your pet in case something were to happen to you,” said Arnott. “You can write it right into your will or even just have one sheet of paper in your file so people know where your pets should go so they don’t end up in the shelter like Sybil.”

Because Sybil is considered a senior cat (14 years or older), all adoption fees are waived by the shelter. Sybil is available now at the Lowell Humane Society.

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