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LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Vote No on Article 6 at Special Town Meeting


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Please come to the Westford special Town Meeting this Monday and vote NO on article 6.  This article is to fund software to help implement a “stealth rain tax” that the selectmen have decided to call a “Fee.”

Calling it a “Fee” is a ploy to avoid having voters vote on the tax, which it really is.  A “Fee” is voluntary, similar to a dog license fee (you can decide not to have a dog).

This “Fee” is anything but voluntary.  So, vote NO and grab a microphone to voice your opposition to the selectmen denying your RIGHT to vote on the tax.

Although the article is for software, it is an opportunity to make your opinion known to the selectmen.

In addition to usurping your right to vote on this particular rain tax, calling it a “Fee”  puts all the power to raise this fee to any amount in the hands of the selectmen, not the voters.  A clear violation of our town charter.

And, when election time comes around, remember that the current members of the board have shown a lack of respect for the voters and for your tax dollars by using this ploy.

Apparently, they prefer to treat voters as mushrooms, keeping them in the dark and feeding them….well, you know. — Dan Doherty, Westford, Massachusetts