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LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Without Adequate Funding, Westford’s ‘Award Winning School System’ will Sustain More Cuts


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I’m thankful to the parents of students, educators, concerned townspeople, Select Board and School Committee members who worked tirelessly to successfully pass the override for teacher’s salaries. After 13 years working in district I am now being compensated at the average [salary] for our “Market Basket” school systems. For that, I’m thankful.
I am concerned that if the town is not able to give Superintendent Bill Olsen the budget he needs to successfully run an award winning school system, our great resources, interventions and programs will be cut. More cuts will impact our school system greatly.
I look forward to hearing more about how the town will support our great community of students. — Carrie Conway, Westford Education Association, Member, Robinson School Classroom Teacher