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LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Miller will Employ Diplomacy and will Listen to Citizens’ Concerns


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I am writing to express my support for Gloria Miller for Westford’s School Committee. In a time of uncertainty, I want to know that each committee member understands my children’s needs and supports our teachers as we look to possible remote/hybrid learning models. I want committee members who understand the budgetary process, have ideas for improving it and have found creative budget solutions in the past. I also want someone who is diplomatic when working with other town officials and listening to citizen’s concerns in order to get things done. Gloria Miller has all of these traits.

Understands my children’s needs. As a former law professor, holding an advanced degree in mental health and as a mother of three, Gloria understands that all children have individual learning styles to be taken into account, both inside and outside of the classroom. She is a strong supporter of programs focusing on the mental health, safety and well-being of our children without ignoring academic performance.

Support for our teachers. I met Gloria while working on the Equitable Pay initiative for our teachers in 2017 and was struck by her commitment and intense effort, prioritizing this goal over her first School Committee campaign. She continued this support working side by side with our Superintendent this spring to ensure that the teacher contracts were settled.

Understands the budgetary process. Gloria has worked tirelessly through three difficult school budget cycles, each year striving to find solutions that prioritized the needs of students and often respectfully questioning the current budgetary system. Her goals of making the process more transparent and timely will benefit our schools in the future.

Diplomacy. There is much more to Gloria than her ability to design effective processes. Her warm personality makes her approachable to her constituents. Her diplomatic demeanor helped the schools secure an additional $400k from the Select Board, thereby retaining several positions. Although unforeseen budget concerns may change the use of this money, I hope that Gloria is still on the committee as we face financial challenges ahead.

I am certain that Gloria Miller’s skills and experience will only add to the stability needed in our schools in the coming years and hope you will join me in supporting her candidacy for the Westford School Committee on June 30. For more information, please visit her website at https://www.electgloriamiller.com/ Clare O’Brien, Westford