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COVID-19; CLASS OF 2020; Caroline Burke Gets ‘Warm, Happy Feelings Growing up Here’


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WestfordCAT asked intern Carolyn Crimmins, a sophomore at Endicott College, to find half a dozen Westford Academy graduates and interview them on camera and in print. We asked how they’re coping with COVID-19 regulations that delayed their graduation ceremony, forced them to cancel their prom, ended spring sports, and required them to stay home instead of participating in the traditional class trip to Disney World. But they were so beyond that.

The featured class members were Jam Cataldo, Lucy Xiao, Elle Whitehead, Caroline Burke, Jack Pappas, and Heather Bortolussi.

Caroline Burke. COURTESY PHOTO

CAROLINE BURKE: Westford ‘”is home, for me.”

What have you been doing this summer?

“…I am working as a DoorDash driver to make some money and I’m nannying a little and dog sitting and house sitting and stuff like that. Other than that just kind of like hanging out around the house “

So you are taking a gap year right?

“So originally I was planning on living in New York with my sister and maybe my mom in New York City, and I was planning on trying to get started in my work. I want to do film — I’m an actor — but hopefully I can be a producer or director, as well. And that’s what I’m going to school for because I’ll be applying to schools in the fall so I figured I’d get a head start. And now because of Corona (the pandemic virus) I’m slightly switching what I’m going to do…I might move to LA [Los Angeles] with my uncle or spend some time in Europe for…a month or two because Corona’s made it kind of tricky, but we’ll see.”

How has the virus affected you personally?

“So definitely my plans for next year it’s affected. Being able to do what I was planning to  do for my gap year, but also just being able to see my friends. Not being able to see them normally. It’s kind of tough because it’s hard to be stuck in the house all day.”

How would you describe Westford?
“I would describe Westford as quaint. I would say it’s kind of preppie, but, it’s home for me. Even though it’s small and there’s not always so much to do, I still love it. It definitely brings me warm, happy feelings thinking about growing up here.”

When you do go to college what extracurricular activities are you interested in? 

“I’m not sure because I mean what I’ve heard is applying to a lot of conservatories takes a lot of your time, so who knows if I’ll be able to have or do extracurricular activities. But like the stuff I am interested in, I like playing pick up basketball and stuff like that. My sister’s on this rec [recreational] league in her school and I feel like I would like to do that. She did it with all her friends. Or maybe improv in college because I did it all through high school.

Well thank you for letting me interview you.