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COVID-19 NEWS: Physicians Say They’re Seeing More Young People with the COVID Virus



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“Total cases in Westford: 426
Active Cases: 57
Total Recovered: 354″
Editor’s Note: Local physicians James Sheehy, a pediatrician specialist, and his colleague, pediatrician Joan Eagan, said they’re seeing more young people becoming ill with the COVID virus. Eagan added, that she expects the case numbers to increase in about a week due to families coming together for the Thanksgiving holiday. The two were guests of a School Committee meeting on Dec. 7 led by Superintendent Bill Olsen. Olsen brought the group together to help the committee members decide on whether to allow students to play basketball and hockey. Considering them to be contact sports, the committee voted 4 to 3 against them, disappointing the Westford Academy athletes who play the sport.

Governor Charlie Baker’s new guidance enforces a rollback to Phase 3 step 1 and changes quarantine regulations. More to come.

Source: Westford Health Department