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Classic Cars Turn Heads as More Appear on Roads and on Display


Buddy Clair’s Auto Sales and Clair Classics are on display at the intersection of Littleton and Concord Roads in Westford where his Westford Auto Sales is turning heads.


Buddy Clair, owner of Westford Auto Sales. PHOTO BY JOYCE PELLINO CRANE

The dealership is not just about used cars. Clair is selling historical models with distinctive features such as two-tone winged sedans, new and old Mustangs, and beautifully sculpted Corvettes. Some of the cars date back to the 1950s.

Ever since the isolation period of the 2020 pandemic ended last spring, area highways are over-burdened with truck traffic. The clogged arteries all day and into the evening suggest some areas of the country have a growing need for large food deliveries and other essentials.

But some — fortunately untouched by the rogue virus which struck anywhere and at anytime were ready for play. As the weather warmed, convertible cars could be spotted everywhere as their tops came down.

“There’s nothing like getting into a convertible and have the wind blow your hair,” said Clair.