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What’s an electronic voting tabulator? Find out, on “What’s New, Westford?”


Town Moderator Angela Harkness. PHOTOS

Town Moderator Angela Harkness joins Joyce and Steve in the studio for a discussion ranging from updates at Westford Valley Marketplace, to Veteran’s Day on the Common, to Special Town Meeting. Two interesting developments on the horizon are electronic vote tabulators and a new liquor store focused on Asian drinks… which are you more excited for?

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Town Moderator Angela Harkness. PHOTOS BY JOYCE PELLINO CRANE

“What’s New, Westford?” is recorded at WestfordCAT
Produced by Steve Edwards and Joyce Pellino Crane
Featuring Angela Harkness
Recorded by Nick Woodbury

Links to the stories discussed in today’s episode:
Patience is ‘Paying Off’ Says Manager of Westford Valley Marketplace
Veterans Day Observance, Nov. 11
The Faces of Special Town Meeting, Oct. 16, 2021

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