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Steve and Joyce Talk with Anita about the Asphalt Plant and Preparing for Town Meeting


Westford Select Board member Anita Tonakarn-Ngyuen joins the WestfordCAT staff in the podcast studio to look back at the asphalt plant saga. Then, they discuss a new video series by the League of Women Voters of Westford that helps voters learn the basics of Town Meeting.

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“What’s New, Westford?” is recorded at WestfordCAT
Produced by Steve Edwards and Joyce Pellino Crane
Featuring Anita Tonakarn-Nguyen
Recorded by Nick Woodbury

Links to the stories discussed in today’s episode:
Asphalt Plant in Review: https://westfordcat.org/asphalt-plant-in-review/
Westford LWV Prep Residents for Town Meeting: https://westfordcat.org/2021/10/westford-league-of-women-voters-prep-residents-for-town-meetings/

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