Behind the Scenes of Editing “What’s New, Westford?”

Have you ever wanted to edit your own show or podcast? WestfordCAT can help!

One of our members once asked if we could do a video showing the editing process used by professional editors to complete projects. Public access projects are far less complex than your favorite movies and TV shows, which are made by teams of highly specialized pros. However, they are a good way to learn the software and basic techniques that can help you develop either a hobby or a career in media production.

Our news podcast, “What’s New, Westford?” is edited in Adobe Premiere. This special episode takes you behind the scenes as Steve, the host and producer of the podcast, edits an episode from a raw studio recording into a final, polished version for upload. If you’ve ever wondered how much work goes into polishing a podcast for air, this episode is for you.

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