Meet Alex Svenson, a New WestfordCAT News Correspondent, on “What’s New, Westford?”

Alex, Kristi, and Steve talk about three local issues recently in the news.

You may have noticed a new byline on some recent WestfordCAT News articles. Alex Svenson, a student at Suffolk University, has been writing articles about local and state government issues for WestfordCAT News for a few weeks now.

On this episode of “What’s New, Westford?” meet Alex as he Zooms in to the WestfordCAT podcast studio to talk with Kristi and Steve about new legislation presented by Jim Arciero, a redistricting plan passed by the state government, and a worrisome prediction made by experts monitoring Boston’s wastewater.

What’s New, Westford? is recorded at WestfordCAT
Produced by Steve Edwards
Featuring Kristi Bates & Alex Svenson
Recorded by Nick Woodbury

Links to the stories discussed in today’s episode:
Bill H.2219 Offers Hope to get Dangerous Opioid Drugs off Streets
Congressional Redistricting Legislation Supported by Rep. Arciero Signed Into Law
Weekly averages of COVID-19 detected in Boston wastewater reach highest levels yet

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