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Dr. Chew Featured Guest in Climate Change Discussion


Westford Climate Action is the local arm of an international body of like-minded citizens who want to drive climate action that “are taking leadership roles to reduce carbon emissions.” Toward that end WCA regularly offers residents an opportunity to participate in webinars with authorities and other principals about this important issue.

In this week’s Zoom, the WCA team will be hosting a conversation this Thursday, January 20th at 7 p.m. with Dr. Christopher Chew, Superintendent of Schools. Featured topics will be climate, sustainability and the environment in Westford Schools.

The discussion is free and open to anyone interested in the looming global threat of climate change. Registration is required through WCA website. For more information about the group’s overall mission and how climate change affects you, visit the WCA Facebook page.

WCA is endorsed by several area civic groups and industry professionals.