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Electronics Collection on Saturday, March 5 at WCAT


WestfordCAT will be open on Saturday, March 5 for electronics, metals and battery collections. Located at 487 Groton Road, time: 9 am – noon.

Acceptable Items: 

Household items, Office Items, Lawn and Garden, Cables, wires, extension cords, charge cords, Phones, Printers, Batteries, Ballasts, Wire, Cell Phones, Lawn Mowers, Medical Equipment, White Goods, PC’s, Copiers, Fax Machines, Scanners, Servers, Switches, Microwaves, Light Fixtures, Electrical Equipment, Laptops, Modems, Radios, Towers, Routers, Switch Gear, Refrigerators, Chargers, AC Units, All Appliances, Fire Alarm Equipment, Scrap Metals, Pipe, Battery Operated Tools, Metal Filing Cabinets, Printed Circuit Boards, Metal Desks, Bicycles, Keyboards, Water Heater (must have a hole drilled at the bottom and must be emptied of all water), Snow blowers (must be emptied of all fluids: gas, and oils), Powered Landscaping Equipment (must be emptied of all of all fluids, gas, and oils)

Fees for items:

  • Pick-up truck load of misc. items…$100
  • Car-load of misc. items…$75
  • Trunk-load…$50
  • Small items…$5 – $25
  • Large appliances, a/c units, refrigerators, snow blowers… $50 per item
  • Small appliances, microwaves, toaster ovens, etc., lawn mowers (no gas or oil), PCs (please, no monitors or TVs) battery operated tools, bikes, gym equipment, file cabinets, office furniture … $20 per item
  • Grocery bags full of cables and wires, extension cords, small batteries all sorts, small electronics, phones, clocks, radios, speakers… $15 per bag
  • Car batteries accepted…$10 each

Battery Collection Ongoing at WCAT

Alkaline batteries can be dropped off MON-FRI during open hours for a small donation.