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Pure Bliss at Pure Foods


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Traveling to Turkey for authentic baklava is so last year. Now you can get genuine Turkish baklava simply by driving to 8 West Prescott Street, where Andy and Fatma Ozgur serve up the imported pastry as part of an extensive menu at the newly opened Pure Foods & Juice.

The Ozgurs moved into the former Village Breakfast Restaurant in June 2021 with hopes of providing their customers with healthy, strictly organic fare alongside the traditional breakfast offerings. While a record number of restaurants have closed over the past two years there was obvious risk to opening a new one amid a deadly pandemic. But Andy and Fatma didn’t see this as a challenge. Rather, they saw it as an opportunity.

Andy Ozgur shows the organic turmeric shipment he just received at Pure Foods and Juice.

“We sell healthy foods that promote overall well-being and improve the body’s immune system,” Andy said. “In a pandemic they’re gonna need us more than they think.” The extensive menu includes various juices, smoothies, bowls and pastries–all of which are 100 percent organic and mostly hand-crafted by Andy and Fatma, who are the only two employees of the 1200 square foot shop.

The clean, well-spaced arrangement of tables allows for elbow room, private corners and family dining by the edge of the river. For the Ozgurs, this is the culmination of decades of success in the health food service industry. Since 1993 they have owned or operated more than a half-dozen similar-themed establishments; starting as a fruit-stand vendor then market proprietor to restauranteur, all in the New York City area.

“But that is not a good place to raise a family,” Andy said of NYC metro. So the couple moved their four daughters to Brookline, NH. The fruit and vegetable mercantile atmosphere is a natural fit for Andy, who was raised on a farm in Turkey before relocating to America at age 22.

Early on, although a dealer in plant-based food, Andy’s diet was not as healthy as his wares. “I was really feeling it in my digestive system and my energy level,” he said of the high-fat, processed, quick and easy to procure cuisine of his younger years. “So I started juicing and within a few months my health changed noticeably. For the better.”

After years of trial and error followed by years of business success, Andy and Fatma have perfected the art of making healthy eating a delicious experience. Two regulars of the young cafe are Cindy and Tim Wing, Westford residents and frequent-fliers at Pure. “They are the most wonderful host and hostess,” said Cindy. “And I love the food.” Tim added, “This is the best coffee we’ve ever had. And we’re from Seattle.”

Fatma Ozgur displays one of her masterpiece dishes at Pure Foods and Juice.
The after-picture of Fatma’s signature dish, Dragon Bowl, a popular item at Pure Foods and Juice.

And because there is not enough purple food in the world outside of beets and cabbage, Fatma has something purple that actually tastes fabulous. The Dragon Bowl is one the most popular items at Pure Foods. Containing dragon fruit, Maqui berries, sliced banana–topped with various whole grains–the Dragon Bowl is about as near to a perfect smack on the taste buds as exists anywhere. AND IT’S HEALTHY!

But not just unique organic food is at Pure. There is also a complete selection of traditional American breakfasts cooked to order, even some gluten-free breads and muffins. And to the juices and smoothies, “the only thing we add is love.” Even the label includes ‘love’ as an additive.

Set for a grand opening in February, Pure Foods will feature a new exterior sign and a new website next week, after which they will accept online orders. For more information visit Pure Foods and Juice Facebook page, or bring your appetite to 8 West Prescott Street in Westford, Tuesday-Sunday, where Fatma will prepare a custom-blended bowl, cup or plate of culinary heaven.

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