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Don’t be Mean to You! 5 Tips for Keeping Your Self-Talk Positive


By Westford Resident, Cheryl A Major, CNWC

There are things we do (or should do) every day without thinking. We need to be brushing our teeth and drinking enough water. We know it’s in our best interest to eat healthfully and make time to exercise. If we’re really on task, we might also be doing something to expand our minds or work toward a specific goal. We should also make every effort to keep self-talk positive.

Consider this: of everything in your day, what would you say is the single most important thing you do?

Chances have you answered something to do with sleeping properly or taking care of your physical health. Believe it or not, there’s something equally important and perhaps even more critical; it has to do with your self-talk.

Maintaining a positive inner dialogue, also known as positive self-talk is the one thing which is going to influence everything else you do. It’s when you’re positive that you put in the effort to take care of yourself. When you encourage yourself, those tremendous big goals you have for your life (not to mention all the small ones) become possible. Think of positive self-talk as the gas or the electricity which makes the car move.

With so much riding on what you’re saying to yourself, how do you keep positive daily? Try following these five tips:

Know Your Triggers

Certain people, places, and situations are going to trigger an instant series of negative self-talk messages. Knowing what those are in advance helps you to head them off before they derail your day. Ask yourself what you can do to avoid those triggers? What statements can you use to combat the messages which always come up when you’re triggered?

Do an Inventory

Periodically check your inner dialogue. Is it getting negative? Sometimes it’s a slow slide to negativity and dumping on yourself. Pay attention to the signs telling you things are going downhill. Being mindful of your self talk helps you insert positive dialogue cues as needed to keep things on an even keel.


It’s impossible to stay negative when laughing. Looking for the humor in situations, even if it’s dark humor, helps you to stay positive. Sometimes I just look for and watch silly old TV shows that I know will make me laugh. Reruns of F-Troop just came to mind!

Hang Out with a Positive Crowd

It’s easy to have your mood affected by those around you. By surrounding yourself with positive people on a regular basis, you’ll find upbeat energy tends to rub off.

Find Inspiration

Creating positive affirmations and daily repeating them starts the process of integrating specific thoughts into your dialogue. Keep these affirmations where you can see them. Leave notes to yourself inviting you to read those words again and again until they become part of who you are. https://InsightOfTheDay.com offers free quotes and images that are inspiring and uplifting. I check them out every morning. Maybe they will help and inspire you too!

Making it a daily habit to engaging in positive self-talk is one habit you want to spend time creating. There is no substitute for this kind of inner dialogue and self-talk, which means you’re going to need to put in the effort until these actions become automatic. When they do become part of you, you’ll begin to see some real positive change, and chances are you’ll feel much happier!

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Cheryl A Major, CNWC

Certified Nutrition & Wellness Consultant


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