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Restorative Justice in Response to Incident of Racism in Our Community


The Westford Public Schools invites the Westford community to a special webinar this Thursday, March 3rd, at 7:00pm.
Superintendent Christopher Chew—along with School Committee chair Chris Sanders and consultants Dr. Michele Shannon-Mingo and Pathways to Restorative Communities—will provide an introductory look at how the Westford community can respond to incidents of racism in our community with restorative practices.
Attendees will hear an explanation of what restorative justice is, and how restorative practices can be used to not only respond when harm has occurred, but also to strengthen understanding, trust, and tolerance in a community in an ongoing way.
An update will also be given on the district’s response to recent events. This webinar will be informational in nature, but community members will have an opportunity to share their thoughts and feelings at one of the upcoming restorative community “circles” that are being planned.
To register for this event, please go to https://tinyurl.com/WestfordRJWebinar. The webinar will be recorded and available for the community to view later.