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WPD Report of Scam Caller in Westford


The Westford Police Department (WPD) were notified of a scam caller harassing an elderly Westford resident on Friday evening.

According to a report released by the WPD, “an elderly gentlemen received repeated excessive telephone calls from a telephone number that identified itself as a Westford telephone number.”

The WPD stated that the scam caller “asked for personal medical information and the victim’s social security number in order to receive a shipment of test strips.”

This incident is one of many scam calls that the WPD have received reports of throughout the past couple months.

“Do not ever give out personal information during unsolicited telephone calls, “the WPD stated.

Some residents have also stated that past scam callers have asked their victims if they can hear them so that when they answer “yes”, the scam caller can record the victim agreeing to what the scam caller is trying to sell them.

The WPD also noted that scam callers tend to target the elderly at a higher rate than the rest of the general population.

“If you have elderly family, friends, or neighbors, please remind them of this as they seem to be the population most targeted,” the WPD stated.

Alex Svenson
Alex Svenson
Alex Svenson is a senior at Suffolk University and a reporter for WestfordCAT and NECN. He primarily covers local government meetings in Westford and updates from MA Rep. Arciero and U.S. Rep. Trahan. He also covers breaking news stories with a focus on police, crime, and social issues. When not reporting, Alex enjoys sports, music, films, and traveling.