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Annual Town Meeting – Results


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Article 1: Authorize the Use of Electronic Vote Tabulators at Town Meeting



Article 2: Accept Town Reports (Consent agenda)


Financial – Fiscal Year 2022

Article 3: Approve Fiscal Year 2022 Budget Supplemental Appropriations (Consent agenda)


Article 4: Appropriate for Perchlorate Expenses (Consent agenda)


Capital Appropriations – Fiscal Year 2022

Article 5: Approve Capital Appropriations

All five motions – PASSED

  • Motion 1 – majority
  • Motion 2 – EVT vote: 201 in favor, 43 opposed
  • Motion 3 – EVT vote: 211 in favor, 29 opposed
  • Motion 4 – EVT vote: 214 in favor, 21 opposed
  • Motion 5 – majority

Article 6: Appropriate Funding for the Cameron Senior Center HVAC Project and Enter into an Energy Management Services Agreement

First Motion – HVAC Improvements – EVT vote PASSED: 188 in favor, 53 opposed

Second Motion – Energy Management Services Agreement – PASSED: majority

Article 7: Appropriate Funding for the Construction of a New Fire Training Facility and Establish a Stabilization Fund for the Possible Future Relocation of the Training Tower

EVT vote PASSED: 189 in favor, 32 opposed

Community Preservation Funds

Article 8: Approve Community Preservation Committee Recommendations


Financial – Fiscal Year 2023

Article 9: Amend the Wage and Classification Plan

PASSED – Unanimous

Article 10: Authorize Revolving Funds


Article 11: Approve Fiscal Year 2023 Operating Budget


Article 12: Appropriate Chapter 90 Transportation Funds for Roadway Maintenance (Consent agenda)


Article 13: Appropriate Funds from Water Enterprise Other Post Employment Benefits Stabilization Fund to the Water Enterprise Budget



Article 14: Authorize the Select Board to Accept Easements


Article 15: Authorize the Select Board to Acquire Easements for the Plain Road Sidewalk Project


Local Acceptance Statutes

Article 16: Accept MGL c.90, Section 17C to allow the Select Board to Establish Speed Limits


Article 17: Amend Chapters 51 and 22 of the General Bylaws to Reduce the Number of Finance Committee Books to be Printed and Discontinue Mailing the Finance Committee Book to Households


Zoning Bylaw Amendment

Article 18: Amend the Zoning Bylaw to add 483 Groton Road to the Industrial A Zoning District


Care and Custody of Town Land

Article 19: Authorize the Conservation Commission to lease Hill Orchards (Consent agenda)


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