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Letter to the Editor: Legislature Should Support The Governor’s Veto On Licenses For The Undocumented


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Dennis Galvin, Westford Resident 

The Massachusetts Legislature has decided to actively obstruct US Immigration law by passing legislation to grant driver’s licenses to undocumented immigrants.  The granting of driver’s licenses to undocumented immigrants adds to incentives, such as sanctuary cities, that entice desperate people, many young children, to attempt illegal entry into the United States.   Many will die from violence, abuse and exposure as a result.  

It is estimated that 5,755 human beings have died attempting to cross the US/Mexican border since 2014.   Last year 650 people died attempting to make the crossing, the highest number ever recorded since the International Agency of Migration began documenting deaths.  People who try to make this crossing on their own are called “coyotes”.  Many die from excessive heat exposure.  12,854 people were rescued by the Border patrol, found in desolate locations, many lacking food and water. 

Others contract with drug cartels, who are reputed to control our southern border.  The cartels exploit these desperate people, who pay as much as $6000 a head to be led across the treacherous border regions to US soil.  Some are robbed and murdered, and in the case of some women and children, sexually abused.  Others serve as one-time couriers for the cartels bringing deadly Fentanyl laced drugs into the country.

Border crossings have dramatically increased under the Biden administration.  At a May 20 MA GOP Convention, Former Border Patrol Director Thomas Homan said that he estimates there are 1000 border crossings each day, which is the highest level ever.  The identities and purposes of these people are unknown.  Some are escaping oppressive conditions, others are our enemies using the border chaos to infiltrate our society.  The innocent are dying in pursuit of false hopes and the malevolent are gaining access to our soil.

Our legislature has decided to exacerbate this situation by offering the inducement of driver’s licenses to the undocumented.  This coupled with sanctuary state policies will inevitably lead to an increase in our undocumented population, which by its very existence undermines the rule of law, subjecting all of us to great risks.  It also continues the horrific human tragedy occurring at our southern border. It can neither be morally or legally justified. Governor Baker has rightly vetoed this legislation, and the legislature should sustain his action.

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