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Night One of the 2014 Apple Blossom Festival

Couldn't make it to Night One of the Apple Blossom Festival? Don't worry! Here's some of the images we...

Saving The Environment, One Water Bottle at a Time

One Westford Academy student is spearheading an effort to reduce bottled water use.

Friends of EBC Get $100,000 Gift for Bathhouse Project

The donation more than doubles the group's past five years of fundraising.

Sale of Land Along Tom Paul Trail Draws Concern Of Neighbors

A decision is still pending on the parcel of land near the town center.

Hunting Policy Committee Tables Attachment Disclosure

The group also discussed the issue of deer hunting in town.

A Few Westford Open Houses For The Weekend of June 1

Here are five open houses we found in Westford during the weekend of June 1, 2014.