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Beacon Hill Update by O’Neill and Associates

Legislative rules call for Wednesday, Nov. 17 to be the final formal session of 2021, and the Legislature appears to be trying to get a massive American Rescue Plan Act and surplus spending bill into conference committee negotiations and then on to Governor Baker’s desk by that deadline.

Virus Variant Brings New Set of Troubles as Numbers Grow in Westford

The CORONA virus and its variant is raising concern among Board of Health staff members who just completed more than a year of efforts to contain the virus.

Lawmaker Honors Longtime Nashoba Valley Veteran

State Rep. James Arciero recently honored long-time Navy veteran and Littleton  resident Doug Wood for Wood’s recent election as State Commander of The Massachusetts Veterans of  Foreign Wars. 

Lawmaker Testifies on Bill Regarding Foreclosure

State Sen. Ed Kennedy (D-Lowell) testified, Aug. 3, before the Joint Committee on the Judiciary in favor of S.1065, an Act establishing a foreclosure review division in the Superior Court.

Lawmaker, Energy Secretary Announce $1.8 Million Research Grant for UMass Lowell

“Quantum science represents the next technological revolution and frontier in the Information Age, and America stands at the forefront,” said Secretary Granholm.

Arciero testifies for Special Education Parent Advisory Councils on School Committees, advocates for representation for special education students

House Bill H.537: An Act to Ensure Representation of Special Education Parent Advisory Councils on School Committees

COVID-19 Cultural Impact Commission Releases Recommendations

The COVID-19 Cultural Impact Commission released its final report today, concluding in a series of recommendations to the Legislature that include the utilization of $575 million of the $5.3 billion in federal funding received by the state through the American Rescue Plan to address the recovery of the creative and cultural sector over the next four years, as well as several additional policy recommendations.

Enough of the Masks Says the MassGOP

The resolution, passed last week, calls for the existing Commonwealth of MA mask mandate to be rescinded in its entirety and replaced with a voluntary mask advisory for all persons (vaccinated or unvaccinated), businesses, and governmental institutions.