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What’s New Westford? Conversations on Local News

Topics on this show: Convertible Cars Bring Memories of Happier Times; Petito Death Spotlights Tragedy of Domestic Abuse and Violence; Is the Requirement to Attend Town Meeting Unintended Voter Suppression?

The Adoptable Pet of the Week – Unagi is a Seven Month Old, “Baby” Rabbit

"Unagi" is described as a, "sweet, baby bunny" ready for adoption. She was hosted by a foster family while waiting to be old enough to be spayed. Now she's ready to go to her forever home.

Westford, MA – Select Board, September 14th, 2021

Full recording of the September 14 Select Board Meeting

Ten Minute Citizen Condenses the July 27 Select Board Meeting

"Not in my back yard" | Ten Minute Citizen #25

E-Waste Collections Ongoing at WCAT

As the saying goes, “One person’s junk is another’s treasure.” That holds true at WestfordCAT where an electronics, metal waste and appliance collection raised $1879 on August 14 -- the day of the scheduled collection. 

Podcast Studio Amplifies Offerings at WestfordCAT

Podcast studio features versatile functionality for voice-overs, musical audition recordings, web conferencing and more. Tours and training available!

New Member Elected to WestfordCAT Board

Click here to have free, daily alerts delivered to your inbox. The departure of Marilyn Katler from WestfordCAT's Board of...

WestfordCAT Opens the Door to Members for Their Annual Meeting

The WCAT Annual Meeting will be held in-person at the TV station located at 487 Groton Road. Program starts at 6pm.