WFD Suspects Possible Arson in Relation to Recent Brush Fires

The Westford Fire Department (WFD) spotted a suspicious person fleeing from the scene of Friday morning's brush fire in Westford. The investigation is currently ongoing and the WFD and WPD encourage all Westford residents who notice any suspicious activity in the area to call 978-399-2345.

WPD Report of Scam Caller in Westford

"If you have elderly family, friends, or neighbors, please remind them of this as they seem to be the population most targeted," the WPD stated.

WPD Report of Suspicious Person Trespassing on Westford Properties

Throughout the past week there have several reports of a suspicious person trespassing on properties in the Nabnasset neighborhood of Westford.

WPD detective assists seizure of suspected fentanyl pills

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WPD Warn of Dangerous New Trend on TikTok

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WPD Reports More Recent Scams in the Westford Area

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WPD Alerts Westford Residents of Recent Scams

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Serial Burglars Sentenced to Prison

Although pleading out to 12 felonies, the pair is suspected of more than two dozen property crimes across 26 towns in both New Hampshire and Massachusetts.