THE NOTEBOOK: School Committee Member Valery Young’s Meeting Notes

"Superintendent Search Update: Thanks to 300+ survey respondents and those that joined focus groups. Inputs were used to create a summary of the district and a leadership profile detailing what the district is looking for in the next Superintendent."

WESTFORD ACADEMY: Firefighters Contain Fire in Separate Building from School

Firefighters rushed to Westford Academy earlier today to wrestle with a one alarm fire inside the high school’s wastewater treatment building. No one was hurt.

MEMOIRS AND HISTORY: Former State Rep. Geoff Hall Shares Westford Memories

Former state Rep. Geoffrey Hall, also a member of the Historical Society, recalls his experience as a young teen entering high school.

C0VID-19; WA CLASS OF 2020; Heather Bortolussi on Her Way to U-Mass Amherst

Get daily alerts delivered to your inbox for all your Westford news. WestfordCAT asked intern Carolyn Crimmins, a sophomore at Endicott...

COVID-19; CLASS OF 2020; Caroline Burke Gets ‘Warm, Happy Feelings Growing up Here’

And now because of Corona (the pandemic virus) I'm slightly switching what I'm going to do...I might move to LA [Los Angeles] with my uncle or spend some time in Europe for...a month or two...

COVID -19; WA Class of 2020; JACK PAPPAS, Hopeful Actor, Heads to Pace University in New York

“The program that I'm going into is really nice because it allows me to have enough time in my schedule to get a minor or to even double major if I really wanted to, and so, by doing that obviously I'd really like to minor in theatre management just in case."

ELLE WHITEHEAD, CLASS OF 2020; ‘I’m Going to Miss my Teachers the Most’

Honestly, I would say I'm going to miss the people on my job a lot and my two bosses who own the bakery

WESTFORD ACADEMY: Despite Adversity, Class of 2020 Demonstrates Resilience at Graduation Ceremony

Quoting from an online article, Westford Academy Principal James Antonelli kicked off the long-delayed Class of 2020 graduation ceremony with this: "One of your main jobs in life is to become an expert in dealing with adversity..." And deal they did.