Our members have access to professional recording equipment, instructional programs, and professional assistance for their video production and distribution needs including:

Access to all of our field equipment – cameras, microphones, lighting kits and other recording accessories
A professional studio with green screen and live call-in capabilities, high definition cameras, a full-featured production switcher, sound board, and lighting board
A full range of video editing software, and royalty-free music beds to help you make each your finished programs unique
Group and individual instruction and technical assistance.

The nature of community access media is that everyone in the community has equal access to all of our production and programming facilities.

Westford residents, as well as organizations and businesses that serve the Westford community can become members, use our resources to produce video, and share it with the community.

Choose a contribution level that best identifies your involvement with WestfordCAT. Whether you are streaming local meetings, opening the morning news, learning a new skill or interested in producing a TV show, your donation entitles you to an annual membership and these benefits:

  • Local news coverage delivered to your email free of charge
  • Studio production assistance
  • Equipment use on field shoots
  • Free training classes in: Video Production, Editing, Camera and Studio Operation and Journalism

Members residing in Westford will be able to vote at membership meetings
WestfordCAT maintains a friendly, open and creative environment that allows individual ideas to develop into collaborative productions. Our instructional focus helps members advance their knowledge of video production. And by responding to our crew calls they get to practice their skills and meet others that could help them with their own productions. Read our Statement for Social Justice.

It all begins when you become a member of WestfordCAT

or learn more in the WestfordCAT Annual Reports