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Bobcat With Rabies Spotted Near Littleton Border


A bobcat (credit: Wikimedia Commons)
A bobcat (credit: Wikimedia Commons)

Westford Animal Control is reporting a case of rabies this week from a site along Route 119 along the Westford/Littleton border.

Discovered in a bobcat, the incident occurred on May 27.

More information from Westford Animal Control is available at westfordma.gov/animal as well as by e-mail at animalcontrol@westfordma.gov or 978-692-4574

Additional information on Bobcats in suburban areas can be found on the Massachusetts Division of Fisheries and Wildlife website.

Updates from the town can be obtained by visiting westfordma.gov/subscriber.

UPDATE –  The Littleton Police have reported on their Facebook page killing a bobcat that reportedly attacked a horse on May 27.

UPDATE – June 2, 1:40 p.m. – According to Westford Animal Control officer Meg Mizzoni has informed the Westford Template that the bobcat killed by Littleton Police was the same bobcat sited in Westford.

That particular bobcat bit a horse and a goat in Westford, with those animals now under the care and supervision of state authorities until further notice.

Additional information on the horse and goat were not yet available.

To Mizzoni’s knowledge, there are currently no other wild animals in Westford infected with rabies, but she noted that does not mean there are not other wild animals infected without her knowledge.

Information on how to provide rabies shots to indoor and outdoor pets is available on westfordma.gov/animal


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