Production Services

Business members who are interested in using our resources to record video that will not be used as a program on WestfordCAT can still request our assistance on a fee-based arrangement. Some examples might be training videos or videos involved with the sale of products or services.

Business members are encouraged to submit a request for proposal that outlines the type of video they are looking to produce, who their audience is, their major messages or objectives for the production, and how it will be used. We will return a production proposal that details what we can do to help them achieve their results.

Here is one of our recent client videos:

We make our video production resources available according to the following schedule:

Studio Rental

$75 per hour. Includes one technician.
Additional Staff

$40 per technician per hour.
Field Equipment Rental

$75 per hour. Includes one technician.
Video Editing and Distribution Services

$50 per hour. Includes 2 DVD copies. Additional DVDs produced at $15 per copy.