Documents and Forms

If you are thinking about becoming a member of WestfordCAT and taking advantage of all the equipment resources and training we offer, we have a few documents and forms that help clarify the responsibilities of both our members and WestfordCAT. Our Operating Policies and Procedures details the general rules to follow when participating in our programs, using our studio and facilities, or checking out our equipment. All members are required to certify that they have read these policies by signing our membership agreement and a statement of compliance.

Because WestfordCAT is a non-profit, community television station, all our programming must be compliant with the FCC guidelines for non-profit media. Please review these guidelines to ensure your content is compliant with the FCC rules.

Other forms that will come in handy when producing a program are:

1. Equipment Usage Agreement – List of all equipment being checked out and when it is expected to be returned.

2. Talent Release Form – Easy form to give to on-camera guests appearing in your program.

3. Cablecast Request Form – Identifies the program you want to be added on our channels, our website and our YouTube channel.

4. Reuse of WestfordCAT Copyrighted Media Request Form – For media partners and producers requesting permission to reuse, rebroadcast or retransmit “clips” or segments of WestfordCAT’s copyrighted media.