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Common Core Kindergartens, Middle School Goals and Capital Planning Requests


Here are the highlights to the Nov. 3, 2014 Westford School Committee Meeting.

A full video is available at westfordcat.org

Kindergarten Citizens’ Committee Talks Common Core

The co-chairs of the group assigned to provide data on whether Westford should pursue full-day kindergarten talked about an upcoming survey for parents of kindergarten aged children as well as how Common Core impacts kindergarteners.

Tom Clay on Nov. 3, 2014
Tom Clay on Nov. 3, 2014

Middle School Principals Discuss Plans For Improvement

The principals of Blanchard School and Stony Brook School provided updates on their goals, particularly implementing data into results in the classroom, fixing the schedule on specialized classes and the use of technology.

Bleachers, Cameras, Bathrooms and Trucks

There was a discussion on capital funding requests for bleachers for visiting teams at Westford Academy as well as bathroom facilities, cameras that can be remotely accessed by police and a new pickup truck.

However, there was some concern over whether the cameras would provide added security and whether the bleachers and bathrooms were acceptable when funding was not being provided for existing maintenance budgets.


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