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Westford’s Unemployment Rate Dropped in September


Figures from the Commonwealth of Massachusetts released this week indicate that Westford had a 4.8 percent unemployment rate for the month of September 2014.

Massachusetts State SealThis figure is well below the 7.1 percent average for the entire state, as well as the 5.4 percent rate reported for Westford in September 2013.

Between August and September, Westford added 307 jobs while four more people were classified as unemployed, bringing the total number of unemployed people in town to 590.

The lowest unemployment rate in the state for September 2014 belonged to Tyringham (1.7 percent), while the lowest unemployment rate for a town or city with a labor force larger than 5,000 people belonged to Nantucket (3 percent.)

On the other end of the spectrum in September was Lawrence (12.3 percent). The second highest rate in the state belonged to tiny Gosnold (11.8 percent), who saw its unemployed population jump from one to four.

Among Westford’s neighboring towns, Westford’s rate was higher than that of Acton (4.7 percent), Carlisle (4.3 percent), but it beat Groton (5 percent), Littleton (4.8 percent), Chelmsford (5.3 percent) and Tyngsborough (5.5 percent.)