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Nurturing Social Intelligence In Young Children Seminar Coming To Blanchard School On Jan. 14


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The following announcement was submitted by Donna Deschenes of the Roudenbush Community Center. To submit your own content, e-mail the editor at asylvia@westfordcat.org

PreK-3rd grade parents and teachers are invited to a special interactive workshopHelping Children Become Friendship Detectiveson Wednesday, January 14, 2015 at 7:00 p.m. at The Blanchard Middle School in Westford.  The 2 hour program will convene in the auditorium.

Stephanie Meegan
Stephanie Meegan

The speaker is Stephanie Meegan, author of the national award-winning Peer Proofing, a program which has been used with children in elementary schools and youth programs across the country.

In the 2-hour workshop, engaging ways to reinforce fundamental social skills will be introduced. Participants will explore multiple strategies for helping young children learn how to:

  • identify age-appropriate behaviors that are perceived as “friendly” by peers
  • read the social clues of facial expressions and body language
  • use and interpret congruent tone of voice and word choice
  • observe social and environmental cues and consider options
  • recognize the words, behaviors and attitudes of a “good sport”
  • listen with the whole body
  • tune-in to feelings behind the words and behaviors of others

The ability to connect meaningfully with family and friends is emerging as the most important predictor of well being throughout life. Healthy relationships feed our resiliency, soften jagged edges of disappointment and sorrow, and multiply our joy.

In addition to personal fulfillment, social intelligence is also a key competency in leadership and career success. For example, a colleague is demonstrating social intelligence when conflicts are handled constructively, instead of blaming and complaining.  Individuals who are skilled in maintaining solid working relationships are also highly valued as team members in any collaborative venture.

Daniel Goleman in his book, Social Intelligence: Beyond I.Q. Beyond Emotional Intelligence, organizes social intelligence into two broad categories: “social awareness, what we sense about others — and social facility, what we do with that awareness.”  When children understand social cues and respond assertively to complicated social situations, they are demonstrating both aspects of social intelligence.

Consider Alex who wants to join a game on the playground.  He knows how to take stock of the situation, ask to be included, respond to rejection, be a good sport, and affirm the efforts of others.  Alex is demonstrating social awareness and using social skills.  His high level of social intelligence increases the likelihood that he will be included in positive peer activities in the future.

Research tell us that children build their social competence through varied experiences in unstructured play, peer modelling, and direct coaching by caring adults.  Coaching is where parents, grandparents, teachers, coaches, and youth leaders play an important part.

Adults can help children make friends and maintain constructive relationships. If you want to enhance your skills in developing the social intelligence of the children in your life, mark your calendar and join us January 14th at the Blanchard Middle School in Westford.


Donna Deschenes

Roudenbush Community Center

65 Main Street

Westford, MA 01886



About Stephanie Meegan…

Stephanie Meegan has provided educational services for teachers, administrators, parents, and law enforcement and healthcare professionals for over thirty years. She is a featured speaker for educational conferences, colleges, social service organizations, and health and mental health associations in the United States and Canada. Meegan is the author of nationally acclaimed programs on peer assertiveness, self- esteem, peer pressure, and the prevention of abuse and abduction. She has been a guest on network and cable television and radio talk shows, and interviews are featured in local and national periodicals.

Stephanie is a former teacher and member of the school committee. In addition to Impact On Youth Educational Services, she has also provided consulting services for preK-12 districts, Departments of Education, and higher education clients across the country.



For addition al information, please visit www.stephaniemeegan.com

Stephanie Meegan
Impact On Youth Educational Services
PO Box 104
Boxford, MA 01921


phone: 978-887-8037

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