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LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Mark Kost Looks Forward to Serving Again


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Editor’s Note: Juliette Mount launched a write-in campaign for selectman on April 29, two days before the town election. The development was a challenge to Selectman Mark Kost who was seeking a second three-year term unopposed.

I would like to thank everyone who came out to vote in Westford for whomever you supported as this is one of our great rights and responsibilities.  Of course a special thank you to the nearly 80 percent who voted for me for showing your confidence in my efforts and in the proper process of candidacy.  It is with pride and satisfaction that I am able to dedicate much of my time to a town that I truly enjoy and to where so many employees provide the kind of service that many companies would be envious to have.

The most humbling part about all of this was the way so many people from all sections of our vast town, from all kinds of affiliations and from a variety of backgrounds and causes came to my defense from Sunday through Tuesday to rebuke the unprofessional and selfish attempt for a last minute write-in effort.  I understand that this result was not only a cause to support me, but to slap back the lack of respect and integrity that this last minute write-in effort portrayed to the voters of Westford.  ALL residents of Westford have the right to know who we are if we are to serve them so if you want to make that effort and stand in front of us, then do so and do so within the processes that this town has adopted.  A single item platform for the betterment of oneself instead of for 22,000 plus residents is wrong and obvious.

I have said many times I have no personal agenda, only an agenda to continue to make Westford a vibrant and prosperous town and to ensure our employees are motivated to do so within the fiscal means that we have available to us.  That means that I cannot make 22,000 people happy with every decision I make. However, you will always have an ear and I will always be transparent…have been and will continue to be.

I look forward to continuing to serve Westford. –Mark Kost, selectman