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VIDEO: Tips for Interacting with the Media; What to Do when the News is Good and When It’s Not


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WestfordCAT News Director Joyce Pellino Crane gave a presentation for government officials, committee members, business owners, and residents on Oct. 24 on “How to Interact with the Media.”

Watch the video here:

The half-hour talk tells how to conduct oneself when a reporter calls, what “off the record” and “on background” means,  and why some intriguing stories never get written.

What’s covered?

  • Why it’s not a good idea to ignore a request for comment
  • What to say or not say to a reporter
  • How to turn a controversy into a non-controversy
  • How to control the story
  • How to be transparent and why it matters

Who’s it for?

This presentation is for event organizers, fundraisers, board and committee members, librarians, developers, educators, health care providers and business owners. It’s designed to give insight into how reporters approach a story and why they choose one topic over another. It will help viewers understand the reporter’s obligations and what they can do to help shape the story.