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Seeking Sponsors for Adoptable Pet of the Week Show



How many residents watch our channels or read our daily newsletter?

While we never get any stats from the cable networks regarding how many people watch the channels on television, we can get stats on how many people watch our programming online.

There are about 7,000 cable subscribers in Westford and about 500 WestfordCAT News online subscribers. We get 8-10,000 visits to our websites each month. We also have about 400 YouTube channel subscribers, over 2,600 Facebook followers and over 1,200 Twitter followers.

People who don’t have cable or are away from their homes, do watch our channels live streaming from our website. We get between 500-1,000 live online views of our channels each month, and about 1,000 Video on Demand views each month. And every month we add approximately 100 new programs to our channels.