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Nominees for the 2019 Apple Blossom queen are (from left) Tess Keele, Renee Owen, Ariella Fleischer, Jackie Ricko, Julianne Lee, Sarah Balian, and Kathryne Lovell. COURTESY PHOTO


Nomine Criteria to be Nominated for Apple Blossom Queen

  • Apple Blossom Queen nominees are recommended by the staff of Westford Academy.
  • The Kiwanis Apple Blossom Queen Committee then interview and choose the Queen from these nominees.
  • The Westford Kiwanis provides the Westford Academy staff with guidelines to help them make their recommendations. The guidelines are as follows:
  • A nominee must be a senior girl
  • She should demonstrate a commitment of service to others
  • She should be a good citizen
  • She should be a positive influence on others.
  • There is no fixed number of nominees.
  • The Apple Blossom Queen Committee personally interviews each Queen nominee.
  • The Committee chooses the Apple Blossom Queen based on the nominee who most exemplifies the spirit of the Westford Kiwanis through their service to others and being a leader in our community.