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Nabnasset Lake Closed Until July 2 Due to Algae Blooms


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[Editor’s Note: The information came from the town’s website.]

Nuisance vegetation and algae blooms are forcing officials to close Edwards Beach in the Nabnasset section on July 1 and July 2, according to WestfordMA.gov.

The water is being treated with Algaecide forcing the entire lake to be off limits to swimmers, fishers, and boating .


Portions of Nabnasset Lake, Westford, will be chemically treated with Algaecide (Copper Sulfate) on July 1. This treatment is targeting the growth of nuisance aquatic vegetation and/or algae blooms. The lake will be closed to all water uses (including swimming, fishing and boating) on the day of treatment. Use of the lake water for drinking, irrigation (watering plants of any kind), watering livestock (i.e., cattle, horses, etc.) is prohibited. These water uses may resume on Tuesday morning, July 2 at 8 a.m.

The work is being performed for the Nabnasset Lake Preservation Association in accordance with a License to Apply Chemicals issued by the Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection and an Order of Conditions from the Westford Conservation Commission.  This treatment is being performed by  SOLitude Lake Management of Shrewsbury, Massachusetts. For additional information residents may contact SOLitude Lake Management at 508-865-1000 or the Westford Health Department at 978-692-5509