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NASHOBA TECH: Final Honor Roll


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The following Westford residents were recently recognized by Nashoba Valley Technical High School.


Westford: Edward Landers, Victoria Smith, Seniors.

Westford: Jackson Flamburis, Noah Goldbaum, Taylor Short, Juniors.

Westford: Jonathan Burke, Arshjot Kaur, Ava Pittman, Samantha Valcourt. Sophomores.

Westford: Gautham Anoop, Ava Campbell, Hannah Denison, Carlos Rosario, Freshmen.


Westford: Jeffrey Battle Jr.,Riley Pittman, Seniors

Westford: Dylan Emanouil, Brandon Guilmette, Juniors.

Westford: Emmalee Lamy, Sabrina McLaughlin, Kathryn Nicosia, Anthony Penta III, Kaden Sheehy, Sophomores.

Westford: Annabelle Gintner, Michael Morash, Andrew O’Hearn, Freshmen.

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