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CHERYL A. MAJOR: What is the best sweetener to use?


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People ask me this question all the time, and it is one of the most important health questions you can ask.

The sugar we are eating in this country and now in the world is destroying our health, making us sick, fat and old before our time when we don’t need to suffer like this.

I have a few suggestions for you today if you’re interested in this topic.

To your body, sugar is sugar is sugar. It doesn’t matter if it’s organic or agave or honey or maple syrup. To your body, it’s all the same. It all gives your glucose levels a bump which makes your pancreas secrete more insulin which begins the roller coaster to sick fat and old that most of us are riding.

I have a list for you. I took the time to alphabetize it so it’s easier for you to use as a resource when you’re reading your food labels in the store; you are reading them, aren’t you?? You can get it here:  http://cherylloves.me/namesofsugar

There are sugars names I had never heard of, how about you?

If you’re thinking artificial sweeteners are the way to go, please don’t do that to yourself. They are poison, yes they are. Not only do they slow down your metabolism and cause you to gain weight which is hard to believe, I know, they can bring on a bout of depression if you’re so inclined with just a couple of servings.

It’s diabolical that they are marketed as being our savior from the ills brought on by sugar consumption, yet your body actually perceives artificial sweeteners as sweeter than natural forms of sugar…the aforementioned sugars as well as organic cane sugar, barley malt, stevia…please download the list.

So…what does a person do that will not seal them the fate of diabetes, heart disease, cancer, depression, arthritis, autoimmune diseases and the whole host of chronic diseases brought on my our Standard American Diet and our over the top sugar consumption? What do you use in your tea or in baking?

There is one sweetener that does not give your sugar levels, your glucose levels a “bump”. It’s xylitol. Xylitol isn’t digested in the stomach; it’s processed in the intestines, so it doesn’t affect your glucose level as all the other forms of sugar will.

That being said, it is still in your best interest to learn to enjoy less sweet food and to bake with naturally sweet foods like bananas and unsweetened applesauce.

A couple of words of caution if you use xylitol. It is extremely toxic to dogs, so if you have a dog in your house and use xylitol, he/she must never eat it. It can be fatal. Second caution is that China is now exporting a cheaper version of xylitol made from corn. Don’t go near it! Real xylitol is made from hardwood trees, specifically from birch trees, so again, label reading is a necessary skill to navigate our processed food jungle out there.

Visit my website. There are books, resources and recipes there for you 24/7.

I walk the walk with this healthy eating stuff, and I have transformed my life to one that is depression free after struggling for decades.  I also lost twenty pounds without dieting. I don’t suffer with my food; what I eat is delicious!

I didn’t just learn this; I live it.

This article was originally published on:  https://thinstronghealthy.com/do-you-read/

How may I serve you in your quest for optimal mental and physical health?

Cheryl A Major

Cheryl A Major lives in Westford and is a Certified Nutrition and Wellness Consultant. Her TV show, Thin Strong Healthy, airs on WestfordCat and is an offshoot of her blog http://ThinStrongHealthy.com   Cheryl offers ongoing information, live and online courses and personal health coaching to help you feel better and be healthier. Follow Cheryl on Twitter @CherylAMajor. She is also a full time residential Realtor with Coldwell Banker with more than 25 years experience. 

Cheryl’s book, Eat Your Blues Away is available this January in Whole Foods Markets, and she is writing her next book, The Major Method!