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WESTFORD: Special Town Meeting Results


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2019 Special Town Meeting

The following articles were decided on Oct. 28 at special Town Meeting:

Article 1:  Approve unpaid bills from previous fiscal year(s) — Dismissed

Article 2:  Fiscal 2020 budget adjustments — Passed by majority

Article 3:  Fiscal 2020 budget Transfers — Passed unanimously

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Article 4:  Fiscal 2020 capital appropriations — Passed by a majority with the amendment of $260,000 for the public buildings bringing the total to $721,450.

Article 5:  Reduce amount raised by taxes in fiscal 2020 — Passed unanimously

Article 6:  Purchase software for stormwater fee billing and upgrade for water billing and create a stormwater management utility. — Vote split in two with the software purchase passing 168 to 84 and the creation of an enterprise fund passing by majority.

Article 7: Defer stormwater utility fees assessed under G.L. c. 83, s.16 for low income seniors — passed by majority

Article 8:  Amend the General Bylaws to accept the provisions of General Laws, c.44, section 53E1/2 to Establish a revolving fund for the farmers Market. — Passed by majority

Article 9: Authorize revolving funds — Passed by majority

Article 10: Approve Community Preservation Committee Recommendations. — Passed by majority

Article 11: Authorization of the Board of Selectmen to petition the General Court for two (2) additional all alcohol on premises licenses to be exercised by Westford Valley Marketplace located at 160-174 Littleton Road, Westford. — Passed by majority

Article 12: Amend the Charter to reflect inclusive language including renaming the board of selectmen to Select Board. — Passed by majority.

Cemetery Rules and Regulations

Article 13: Approve the Board of Cemetery Commissioners regulations for municipal cemeteries — Passed unanimously