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New Superintendent is an ‘Inspirational Vision’ Says School Committee Chair


Editor’s note: After being named superintendent of Westford Public Schools on March 18, making the cut from 28 to nine to four candidates, Stony Brook School Principal Christopher Chew sent the following statement to WestfordCAT:

Thank you very much for reaching out to me! 

“The outpouring of support and well wishes from throughout the community has been overwhelming. It was inspiring to hear the committee reflect the same priorities that I have focused on for so long and I am very excited to be able to do my part to advocate for the entire Westford Public Schools.

One of the things that I mentioned during the many groups of interviews throughout the day was the idea that while our district curriculum is wonderfully well-aligned vertically we can explore how we can better vertically align our building cultures. We have wonderfully positive learning environments throughout the entire district, but there is room for us to explore how the student experience from building to building could have some additional throughline that connected all of our students’ experiences.”

School Committee Chair Gloria Miller said Chew “is a dynamic leader with superb communication and interpersonal skills, and an inspirational vision for the future of Westford schools. The committee recognized his proven commitment to social-emotional learning, with a focus on student and staff mental health and well-being…The School Committee is confident that the future of Westford Schools will be in good hands under Dr. Chew’s guidance and leadership.”

The next step is salary and benefit discussions, Miller said.