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Update on Westford Power Options Program


Editor’s note; the content below was taken from the town’s website.

Posted on: October 15, 2021

Westford Power Options Program is offered by the town to residents and businesses to increase electricity supply choices. You can find more information on the program website MassCEA.com/Westford.

The program periodically sends enrollment letters to new electricity customers. Our most recent letter is in the mail on 10/15/2021.

If you have any questions about the letter, please call 844-627-7232 or email support_ma@goodenergy.com.

If you received the letter and would like to participate in the program, no action is necessary.

  • If you would NOT like to participate, by 11/17/2021, either return the enclosed opt out card, call the electricity supplier Constellation at (833) 461-0813 or complete the opt-out form on the MassCEA.com/Westford.
  • If you would like a product other than the POP Green, please visit MassCEA.com/Westford or call the supplier (833) 461-0813 to make a different choice.

Eligible customers who choose to stay in the program (i.e., don’t opt out) will be automatically enrolled.

Westford Power Options Program is the only electricity program offered by our town – beware of look-alike offers and always look for the town seal on materials sent to you!

Check MassCEA.com/Westford for more details and to learn about the other electricity options offered.