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Climate Change Experts Welcome Viewers to Webinar


Westford Climate Action group, in conjunction with Haystack Observatory, will host a free webinar to all who are interested in hearing from experts about the existential threat that climate change poses.

The January 27th is the third such outreach by the group and is open to anyone who registers for the broadcast.

Westford Climate Action presents “Meeting the Climate Challenge: The View from an MIT Observatory”, a free Climate Seminar by professional staff from MIT Haystack Observatory, located in Westford. On Thursday @ 7:00 pm, Dr. Colin Lonsdale, radio astronomer and Haystack’s director, will present general information about the Observatory’s work and climate change science.

Then Dr. Pedro Elosegui, leader of the geodesy team at Haystack, will talk about his Haystack polar geodetic research, which includes global climate and sea-level change. His current efforts are focused on measuring the flow, drift and deformation of the cryosphere and various forms of ice in both the Arctic and Antarctic systems. A Q&A will follow with the audience. 

MIT Haystack Observatory is a radio science research laboratory based in Westford, Massachusetts, whose mission includes the advancement of scientific knowledge of our planet and its atmosphere.

This seminar is co-sponsored by the Westford Clean Energy and Sustainability Committee, and the League of Women Voters of Westford.  

Register at: https://westfordclimateaction.org/events/