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Trahan Statement on Banning Russian Oil


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Contact: Trahan.Press@mail.house.gov

“As long as Vladimir Putin’s unprovoked invasion of Ukraine continues, so too will America’s response. Putin’s immoral decision to bomb civilian targets – schools, daycares, hospitals, and homes – is killing innocent people, and it has assured his place in history next to Stalin and Lenin as a Russian strongman who acts solely in his own interest. These despicable tactics demand a strong, decisive response. President Biden’s decision to ban the import of Russian oil is a necessary next step to tighten the screws on Putin and his enablers.”

“The consequences of Vladimir Putin’s unjustified war with Ukraine have already proven devastating for himself, his oligarchs, and his people. However, this unnecessary aggression has also proven destabilizing to economies around the world, and further insulating Americans from Putin’s price hike is absolutely necessary. The President has already announced steps he’s taking with our international partners to reduce prices, increase fuel supplies, and tap into strategic oil reserves. Congress is prepared to act swiftly to build on those efforts and ensure families can afford to put gas in the car, put food on the table, and keep the heat on in their homes.”

“The United States has never shied away from the fight to protect democracy, and as the leaders of the free world, that will not change as Vladimir Putin attempts to extend his authoritarian reach. We stand with Ukraine.”

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