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New restaurant to open in Forge Village


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WESTFORD — A new restaurant is will open its doors in Forge Village this Spring, run entirely by one life-long resident. 

The “Town Talk Table”

Barstools to order a coffee and read the paper, a “Town Talk Table” in the corner reserved for the best gossip, and tables lined up in the middle decorated with streams of Westford sunshine.

The kitchen sits right behind the bar, where customers can watch as Steven Rogers cooks up their favorite American breakfast to dine-in or take to go. 

Rogers who serves on the board of directors for the Westford Museum, on the Monuments and Memorials Committee, and is now the proud owner of Village Shop Breakfast and Lunch.

Steven Rogers. (Photo/Aubrey Benoit)

Rogers, a lifelong resident and son of Westford’s late fire chief George “Yogi” Rogers, credits his father as an inspiration for his work ethic.  He tells WestfordCAT that his father inspires him during this time to “Work hard and give back to your community.”

Rogers previously ran and owned the Fireside General Store in Tyngsborough. “It’s always something I’ve loved doing- cooking,” Rogers told WestfordCAT.

“A labor of love”

Rogers began his work on the “Village Shop Breakfast and Lunch” after Chris Yule, the landlord of the building, offered him an opportunity to open a restaurant in Forge Village. Rogers notes he grew up across the street from the location. “I’m a townie, always have been,” Rogers said.

After spending a year in retirement and traveling, Rogers returned to Westford to open what he saw as a  “necessary” place to the community.

“It’s a labor of love… I could have stayed retired. I’m not doing this to make a lot of money. I’m doing it because it’s a needed part of the community. And if I can make a buck at the same time, fine. But… it’s the point of having a meeting place for people in the Village to come to hang around, shoot the breeze, read the paper, and have something to eat,” Rogers said. 

The menu will have a “typical” American breakfast “with a couple of things added.”Rogers plans to wake up at 4 a.m. and do all of the cooking himself. He wants to provide “real,” “filling,” and “delicious” food.

 What makes Village Shop Breakfast and Lunch different from other American Bistros, Rogers says, is that he will do most of the prep within the restaurant. He notes that his restaurant will have “none of that fake stuff.”

Special touches also include a sign hand painted by Rogers’ daughter, vintage antiques that he restores as a hobby, and photos and public records of Westford dating back to the 1950s.

Within a year, Rogers hopes his business will be successful enough to buy his rented property in Forge Village and live above the restaurant.

“I want to just have a nice place for [residents] to come and meet with friends and have a decent meal,” Rogers said.

Rogers received his LLC on March 7, where he can begin the opening process. Rogers notes a few more steps are necessary before he can begin to serve customers. Rogers does not have a set date for the grand opening, but he hopes to open by the end of April.

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Aubrey Benoit
Aubrey Benoit
Aubrey is a fourth-year English/Journalism student at the University of New Hampshire and is interning as a staff writer with WestfordCAT. When Aubrey isn’t photographing, she’s writing. When she’s not writing, she’s photographing (or spending time with her siamese cat, Walter– named after her favorite show, Breaking Bad).

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