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Emerson Looking For Volunteers In Video Game Concussion Study


Westford is about to become the home of a study on how video games affect the brain and volunteers are needed.

Emerson Hospital’s Center on Sports Rehabilitation and Specialty Services is seeking people between the ages of 18 and 35 to study the effect of specialized video gaming on concussion patients.

Specifically, the study seeks to answer whether particular video games can help concussion patients with improving reaction time and brain functions.

“With more than three million concussions occurring each year in the United States, many of them during the autumn and winter football and hockey seasons, now is a critical time to study ways people can improve brain function through simple and accessible treatment such as video gaming,” said Terrie Enis, director of rehabilitation services at the Center for Sports Rehabilitation and Specialty Services at Emerson Hospital. “We are excited to launch this study and believe the participants will be extremely valuable in the development of future treatments.”

Emerson HospitalResearchers are seeking both healthy individuals as well as those diagnosed with post concussion syndrome, or PCS.

The study will take place at Emerson Hospital Westford Health Center, located at 133 Littleton Rd.

For more information, please call 978-589-6744 or email concussion_study@emersonhosp.org.



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