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End of Year Planning Board Meeting


Alex Svenson and Scott Shurtleff

The Westford Planning Board held its final meeting of 2021 on Monday, December 20; putting to consideration all four items from the amended agenda.

The meeting opened with concerns about the status of buildings at 22 Town Farm Road. Two buildings in particular at the multi-structure address (13 and 16) were singled out by the Board, which also brought attention to comments made by the property’s abutters. The specific issue addressed was the road-striping and site-lighting for the project area ahead of expansion to full operational use. The Board expressed concerns about noise nuisances as well as compliances with fire codes and handicap accessibility.

 The Board did not issue a decision nor offer a vote.

Second on the agenda was consideration of a construction permit at 22 Griffin Road, aka Cloverleaf Field Subdivision. George Allen & Son Construction, Inc. applied for a special permit to construct a common driveway per Town of Westford Subdivisions Regulations and Bylaws.The matter was continued for further consideration.

Two items were not moved forward due the the applicants’ withdrawal of their application without prejudice: a Waiver of Compliance request at 0&37 Carlisle Road; and a Waiver of Compliance at Colonel Rolls Drive Subdivision at Hartford Road.