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New Ghost to be Revealed


Now that the decision has been made to rebrand the Westford Academy School Mascot, the next step is to design and approve the new image. According to today’s press release, both the School Committee and Superintendent Dr. Christopher Chew are supporting the effort to have a new Ghost roaming the hallways and ballfields of WA.

Today’s announcement is the culmination of an ongoing effort to rebrand the Grey Ghosts due to the name’s questionable historical connotations. Dr. Chew first approached the committee with his idea to soften the reputation of the 62-year-old mascot by dropping the “Grey” from its moniker, and the committee quickly adopted the resolution.

The next step, according to the release, is to assemble a panel of “alumni, parents, students and community members to assist in the rebranding process.” Hoping to have some facsimiles produced for consideration by mid-March, the final image will be voted on by Westford middle and high-schoolers.