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School Committee Asked About Building Use for Voting


By Alex Svenson and Scott Shurtleff

New polling locations, a change in bus routes, revised gradation requirements and COVID-19 updates were among the topics discussed at Monday’s School Committee meeting, the last of the year. 

  Although the town was awarded an additional voter precinct, merited by a population increase, a proposal was made to condense the number of polling places. A few options were offered to the Committee for consideration, including condensing to a single polling location, or two. Or three, and up to five sites.

   The decision to or not to condense the number of polling places outside the scope of the Committee’s authority, but their input was sought because Westford Academy is among the most apt locations.

A change in graduation requirements was introduced as an area of consideration. Committee member Alicia Mallon explained the old policy of “computer technology’ courses being required for graduation from Westford Academy. The point Mallon made, citing comments she received from residents, is that of redundancy.

Since students get so much exposure and practice with various computer programs and applications in other classes and in their everyday lives, a stand-alone computer technology course is not warranted. She proposed instead that removing it as a “requirement” would free up “elective” opportunities for students.