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LETTER: Galvin Will Fight For Us


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The following is a letter to the editor from Wayne Wagner. To submit your own letter, e-mail the editor at andrewsylvia@westfordtemplate.com

imageDennis Galvin is not a career politician; rather, he has life experience both inside the realm of government and outside in the community at large. A Representative with a diverse, real-world background is what we need in order to effectively bring our issues to the leaders on Beacon Hill. Galvin can navigate the legislature as well as relate to the families like yours and mine in our community–citizens who are affected by unfunded government mandates and limited government aid. We are being taxed from every direction to fund the multi-billion dollar government budget expansion, a practice which has been ongoing over the last few years and shows no sign of slowing down.  In spite of this inflating budget, local aid has actually decreased, forcing town taxes to increase and local spending (such as that which supports teachers’ salaries) to be frozen in an effort to find balance. Dennis understands the toll this has taken, and will represent me and my family.

Dennis has accomplished a large number of things for our community that many people simply do not know about.  These little things often go unacknowledged by the news but are very important, nonetheless, for they provide a sense of community. He has dedicated countless hours to Pop Warner Football, as well as to the council at his church, and has also served on a variety of town committees, including the Growth Management Committee and the Master Plan Committee.   Furthermore, Dennis is an expert in public safety. He has served on the Massachusetts State Police force for decades, and he developed and implemented the first anti-terrorism training program utilized by the State Police. That’s another thing that may not have made the paper, but it is something that I like in Dennis Galvin.

Please join me and let’s get out and vote on November 4th. Vote for Dennis Galvin.

Wayne Wagner, Jr.
Westford, MA

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